1. One roster of players for each team shall be submitted by each club to

2. Each roster shall include player’s NTRP rating for the current season.

3. Players must be 18 years of age or older in order to play in the league which presents doubles competition on 3 courts.

4. Though it is preferred that each club field its own AAA, AA, an A teams, if two neighboring clubs have a mutual agreement to share the two levels the league will accommodate the scheduling. One club may have more than one set of teams providing they can host the home matches. 

5. The league should be self-policing, but any infractions should be brought to the attention of the league commissioner. The appropriate steps will be taken and the matter dealt with accordingly.

AAA teams may be comprised of players with NTRP ratings of 4.5, 4.0 and 3.5.

AA teams may be comprised of players with NTRP ratings of 4.0, 3.5 and 3.0.

A teams may be comprised of players with NTRP ratings of 3.5, 3.0 and 2.5

AAA teams for match play shall not have greater than an 8.0 combined rating.

AA teams for match play shall not have greater than a 7.0 combined rating.

A teams for match play shall not have greater than an 6.0 combined rating.

6. Current 2018 USTA ratings will be used for the entire interclub season.

7. Teams will be allowed to use players from opposing teams in case of emergency to avoid forfeiting courts. This is a last resort. Before doing so, teams must ask all their own members first before asking members of another team to play.

8. Food is not required.


1. Home captains must contact the visiting captain one week prior to the match confirming all necessary details regarding the match.

2. All players are encouraged to arrive fifteen minutes BEFORE the match time.

3. Each player will give her captain $16.00; the visiting captain will give the host club the total of $96.00 before the warm-up/match.

4. The HOME TEAM will provide USTA approved yellow tennis balls. It is not to be assumed that the club will absorb this expense.

5. Team captains will simultaneously exchange match cards prior to the beginning of a match. No rearrangements of line-ups are permitted once play has begun; play begins when the first point is served.

6. There is a ten minute warm-up starting at 10:30 am or 12:00 pm. At 10:40 or 12:10 play starts.
a. If a player is 10 minutes late they lose the warm-up.
b. If a player is 20 minutes late the match is a forfeit.  If it is at all possible please try to play the match.

7. If a court is running late in arriving (flat tire, weather), call the club to inform them of the situation.


1. The matches will be scored as same as in USTA League. All matches will be the best of three (3) sets, with regular scoring: at 6-all in the first two sets, a set tiebreaker (first to seven (7) by two points) shall be played to determine the set winner. At one set all, a match tiebreaker (first to ten (10) by two points), shall determine the match winner.

2. Each individual court will be worth one point for a total of three possible points to be won each match. The total number of games and sets won are recorded on the score sheet. If a match tiebreak is needed, record the tiebreak as one set.. Count every set won, even ones completed with a tiebreak. Count all games and that set in your tally.

3. Both captains will tabulate the match results; sign the bottom of the sheet. The captains will enter the scores on within 48 hours of the completion of the match.

4. Standings will be online at


1. In the case of a forfeited court, the forfeiting team is responsible for its share of the fees ($32 per court forfeited). Please try to give at least 24 hour notice if possible. Each club must set its own policy regarding the payment of forfeited courts and pay the appropriate amount the day of the scheduled match. The non-forfeiting team will be credited with a 6-0, 6-0 win for each forfeited court. Present forfeit money at or before match time.


1. Captains and clubs must decide as early as possible the day of the match to postpone or reschedule matches due to bad weather or unsafe court conditions.

2. Both captains need to contact Matt Treblas at or (330) 607-9762 if a match is canceled due to inclement weather.

3. No match will be postponed until and unless agreed upon by both club owners/team captains or if the host club has been closed.

4. Rescheduling a match will be allowed only due to bad weather or safety hazards. If a team elects not to play for reasons other than mentioned, it will be counted as a match loss.

5. Confirm all matches that coincide with spring break a couple of weeks prior to the match. This will help teams be more flexible in planning for the spring break matches. Please try to be flexible with so many different spring breaks.


1.  The first time a player exhibits poor sportsmanship they will receive a warning, the second time they will receive a second warning and the third time a player exhibits poor sportsmanship they will be out of the Northcoast League.



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